Where it all started

The business was founded over 30 years ago by Garry. He started with just a bucket of tools in his mothers garden shed repairing tools for local tradies. The business soon out grew the garden shed and moved into a larger shed behind the Bailey Centre Service Station Coffs Harbour which was shared with another small business just finding its feet.

As demand for repairs along with sales grew the big brands got word of Garry and he’s knowledge and expertise they then allowed him to open accounts and source parts and new tools direct.

Bananacoast Power Tools is now well established in Coffs Harbour and without the support and loyalty of the local Trades we would never of survived the big corporate trade stores moving to town.

With 30 plus years of knowledge of sales and repairs. We sell most major brands of Power, Battery, Air and Gas Tools and equipment along with all the accessories that go with them. We carry a large range of nails for all types of nail guns. We are the local stockist of FESTOOL and one of the only retail outlets for Hilti products.

We have now grown from a 1 man operation to a team of 5.

Garry Will float between sales and service being wherever he is needed as he slowly tries to take a step back and hand over the reins to his son Wayne.

Wayne Is one of Repairers he has been with the business on and off over the last 10 years but has been with us fulltime now for the last 3 years. Wayne is also a fully qualified motor mechanic and looks after the service and repair of the Paslode gas nail guns and the warranty claims.

Ian Has been apart of the team for more then 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge in the sale of tools and accessories. After 20 years in the business there wont be many questions Ian cant answer for you.

Kristy Has been with us close to 10 years and is very knowledgeable when it comes to sales of tools and accessories teamed up with Ian at the front of store. Kristy can source the hard to find tools, accessories and parts for anything.

Logan The newest member of the team. Logan come onboard last year as a repairer joining Wayne out in the workshop. Logan being of a motorcycle and small engine background has picked up power tool repairs with ease and in a short time become very good at what he does. Having logan as part of the team has helped take on more small engine work such as petrol or diesel generators and pressure washers.